To Be Rated - I thought this was cool. They engineered a trachea...

I thought this was cool. They engineered a trachea for a patient with tracheal cancer using his own stem cells and well obviously synthetic materials to form a very specific windpipe. 

Rather than waiting for a transplant, his doctors suggested growing an organ. Scientists created a Y-shaped framework for the new trachea, modeling it after the specific shape of the patient’s windpipe.

The form was then bathed in a solution containing the patient’s stem cells “to get the cells to grow on the sponge material”

The stem cells were given physical or chemical cues to create the desired type, Green said.

Once the cells were thriving on the form, the artificial trachea was implanted into the patient.

"It’s a beautiful international collaboration," he said about the recent effort that involved doctors and researches in Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. "If scientists and clinicians work together, we can help humanity."

Isn’t this great!?

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    That’s so amazing. It only makes me reconsider Biomedical Engineering even more…
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    Saw this on the news, amazing.
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