To Be Rated - Paper Crows—Happier [itunes] —I am obsess with...

Paper Crows—Happier [itunes]

—I am obsess with Rudimental’s “feel the love” so I was looking up remixes of it. It turns out that Paper Crows did a remix & it’s great.

—I had previously posted about Paper Crows, back in april with Kidnap kid remix of Homebound but I think I failed to acknowledge how great this band is, so it’s revisited.

Bad Girls (Paper Crows Remix)

Also Check Out Their 25 min Mix, It’s pretty Good:

Built With You in Mind - Paper Crows Mixtape (001)

1. Surph - Rustie 
2. When Friends Survive - Paper Crows (Eats Everything Remix) 
3. 212 - Azelia Banks 
4. Christmas Song - Grimes 
5. All Around and Away we Go - Twin Sister (Eskimo Twins Remix) 
6. Happier - Paper Crows (Rudimental Remix) 
7. Under Your Spell - Desire 
8. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood 
9. Lately - Washed Out 
10. Burial / Four Tet - Nova 
11. Paradise Circus - Massive Attack (Zeds Dead Remix)

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